No matter if you're an atheist or not, these articles are really worth a read:

When Atheists Attack by Sam Harris, about Sarah Palin. Very well written and definitely thought-provoking, whatever your stance is on politics and religion.

And if there were, what then? by Piers Cawley, about atheism in general. An excellent read, and very much to the point.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately (especially since reading these articles). Unlike Piers, I'm not quite ready to declare myself an all out atheist just yet. Mostly because I'm reluctant to completely reject something I know very little about.

But what I can't understand or accept is the terrible destuctiveness of the way religion is practiced around the world. All religions claim to be peaceful, yet people are slaughtered every day in the name of some religion, and entire populations are deprived of progress because religion is deemed more important than freedom. What is the point?! I should really read more about this and learn.

Watching the news every day nudges me steadily in the direction of atheism. From a distance, religious behaivour looks like madness to me, plain and simple.